The EPIC Foundation

Improving the quality of life for individuals with
autism and their families.

Your Support Makes Growth Possible

By contributing to the EPIC Foundation, you are supporting children, teens and adults with autism to live productive, included, and enjoyable lives. The EPIC Foundation raises funds to provide EPIC students and families a variety of services and associated activities not covered by tuition, as well as supporting associated programs that benefit individuals with autism.

Your gift goes toward services like EPIC’s Healthcare Transition Program which provides instruction in going to the dentist or seeing a physician. In addition, the program works with families to ensure their son or daughter transitions from pediatric care to adult healthcare.

Other Ways to Get Involved

If you’re looking for a way to give a small gift or even make a difference through your regular purchases, try one of these other options to support people with autism.

The Mission

of the EPIC Foundation is to improve the quality of life of individuals
with autism and their families, across their lifetimes, by supporting the evidence-based programs or services offered by the EPIC School, programs, and services.

The Purpose

of the EPIC Foundation is to raise funds via charitable giving and to allocate these funds in support of the EPIC School, any associated programs, and other appropriate not-for-profit organizations providing services to individuals with autism and their families. These funds are used to support comprehensive and evidence-based intervention for EPIC’s students, provide specialized staff training, purchase clinical equipment and improve facilities. The EPIC Foundation’s volunteer board of trustees consists of community members and parents of children with autism and is responsible for the management of donations and the allocation of funds either as directed by the donor
or to maximize the effectiveness of the contribution.

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