Beyond EPIC School:
Epic Inclusive Communities

Adult programs for continued support after graduation.

EPIC-Inclusive Communities (IC) Adult Program

Educational Partnership for Inclusive Communities, Inc. (EPIC-IC) is a unique program that strives to provide a meaningful quality of life to adults age 21 and over with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). EPIC-IC seeks to provide comprehensive day programming services designed to promote skills necessary for adulthood with an emphasis on self-sufficiency, community integration, volunteer and employment opportunities. As a qualified provider through the Division of Developmental Disabilities, EPIC-IC’s instructional model is based on providing small groups and one-to-one instruction, as well as ongoing, practical education and support throughout adulthood. EPIC-IC delivers a variety of services

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Your Support Makes Growth Possible

Supported Employment

Using a customized employment model of job development, EPIC Inclusive Communities works to identify preferred and meaningful employment opportunities across a variety of businesses for our adult participants.

Community Involvement

EPIC Inclusive Communities participants are active and engaged members of the community. Activities such as volunteering at a local food bank, having lunch with peers, grocery shopping, or engaging in a variety of recreational activities, promote independence and provide each individual the opportunity for a positive life.

Day Habilitation

Learning doesn’t stop at graduation. The Day Habilitation program for adults continues training for independence while developing an individual’s interests, employment skills, and social skills.

Prevocational Training

Continuing to teach self-management in adults promotes greater levels of independence at home, work, and in the community. The goal is not to eliminate specific behaviors but rather to teach participants to differentiate between inappropriate and appropriate times to engage in those behaviors.

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